Steve Chamberlin

Steve has been sailing keel boats since the early 1980s and has owned a  J-24, Express 37 and now sails Surprise, a custom Schumacher 46.  He’s done numerous coastal races, one Mexico race, four Pacific Cups and spent 2007-8 cruising in the South Pacific on Surprise.  He was the Chief Inspector for the Pacific Cup in 2006, provided arrival escort in 2010, has spoken often at preparation seminars, and helped organize the Pacific Offshore Academy articles.  Reach him at steve att chamb dott com.

Michael Moradzadeh

Michael is a seven-time Pacific Cup crosser.  Four times on Cayenne, and twice on VALISHe served as communications boat or comms chair in 2002, 2004, 2006 (as backup), 2008, 2012 and 2014.  He's also crossed the Atlantic, which was not as fun.

VALIS Has Come Home

We spent a spectacular night making our way through the Strait, sailing for a while, but eventually motoring, cutting across the shipping lanes to our mark at Race Rocks near Victoria. With dawn approaching we then headed towards Cattle Pass at the southern tip of San Juan Island. The currents there can be fierce (over 11 kts at times), but we were able to time our passage to get through about one hour after maximum flood, and by staying in the center of the pass things went smoothly (and quickly).

Land Ho!

August 22 PDT
At about 6:00 this morning we sighted land in the brightening pre-dawn sky. Vancouver Island and the Washington State mainland were roughly 55 miles to the east, but the dark profile under the low clouds was unmistakable. We watched the sun rise over the Strait of Juna de Fuca, and the golden clouds were spectacular.
We are sailing very slowly in light winds, but should be in the Strait by mid-afternoon or early evening.
I will write more later, but wanted to share this with you.
Best wishes, Paul / VALIS