Wednesday July 8th

While our results may not show it, we are doing much better. Finally the wind has shifted, we have up everything we own and now it's just a drag race. Just a couple more knots of breeze and we will then have no cards left to play other than time and skill.

The boat loves to sail and in over 19 knots with a big spinnaker life gets really easy. Point and go and start smiling.

Having two parties tonight. Both are extremely exclusive with a small and focused guest list. Halfway party is at 8 and my birthday at 8:30. We going to ask the band to play both gigs. They offered a discount.

Another day at the office

Finally, we have reached R2's dance floor.

Regardless of the outcome, this is why you do this. Currently under partly cloudy skies, full main, 2A spinnaker and running staysail - we are flying. The wind has been steady from 18-21 knots and at it's current direction only about 10 degrees low of Hawaii. Our boat speeds range from 11-17 knots depending on the 'ramps' and how they are set up. Ramps are waves that really set the boat in motion. Big air, fast, downwind ocean sailing is a bit like skiing moguls. It's much better to work with them and go around them than over or through them.

Tipping Points

People who don't do ocean sailboat races have no idea how many things go into creating and participating in the experience. Millions! It's a bit overwhelming when you step back and acknowledge the items you do have control over and those things you truly only react or interact

Tipping points occur in such small increments and set of by items that set things in action and a cascade begins - to the good or the bad.

Sunday Fun


Not sure exactly how we faired as the standings are a bit whacky and
they don't seem to have our correct position. Oh well, we are were we

We are all in good spirits but not into R2 conditions still yet.

Skies are cloudy and we have decent breeze.

Sure wish we had more news to report.

The only thing of interest is that due to the economy, we had no fire
works on the 4th.



Happy 4th!

Team R2 is having a fine day this 4th. We are having a huge party tonight. We've sent hundreds of invitations with only 5 confirmations. Maybe the directions to our home were a bit unclear.

Perhaps the dolphins will provide the light show as they look like torpedoes rocketing towards us with the fossies in the blue ocean waters.

Not much sea life to date other than the growing gamey smell on board.

Another day at the office

Not sure what Kevin wrote earlier, but here is my view.

Have had a good run so far and are able to 'hang with the crowd' in less than prime R2 conditions. Those should be coming soon hopefully.

The next 24 hours will tell who made the right call for the set up of the next 24. Vegas anyone?

Been reaching along well with full main and jib top. The combination seems to work well but needs refinement of the jib lead position. Given we only sail the boat once or twice a year there is always several times when we look at each with no idea how we did it last time.

First Day

What a great day for the a sail! We started the race at 1300 yesterday off of Pt. Fermin with about 14 kts of wind. We had a good first leg to the West End of Catalina. After rounding the West End at about 1600 we crack off a little and picked up some wind and about 20 dolphins that started to lead our way to Hawaii!! We are looking forward to the warmer weather and hoping for more wind!!

Aloha R2

Day 10 Update

Oh OOOhhh.. What a night (Oh, what a garden of delight).

If you saw our progress on the standings this morning, you probably can guess we had a good day yesterday. We did. We also had a great night last night. Really words can't describe, but let me try.

It was what we came for. The moon was out, we were headed straight for Diamondhead and we were surfing down 15 ft seas. About 20 - 25 kt windsand R^2 just dances. The boat starts off at 12 kts, picks up a wave and suddenly you're doing 15...

Day 9 Update

We had a wonderful sail today. Some sun, some squalls, great wind and Reinrag^2 is doing her thing. (In fact, a bit more wind than the models predicted for today... hope it lasts.) We're hoping to see the moon tonight as we crash along in some nice big seas. The mood on board is high (as always) but there is a creeping bit of tension as we get closer to the final goal and we're all very into seeing it through. (If the wind keeps up, Joby and I may be banished permanently to "Fatties' Hideout" on the transom.) Thanks to all the encouragement we've been getting...