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With the arrivals of the fleet leaders, we have turned off the delays on the tracker and standings pages, and have added 15-minute updates (as well as finish line ping) to the tracker displays.  Stay greedily glued to our site for updates.

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July 20 race report

They're here!!! The fleet's first arrivals will begin to reach Kaneohe in the next few hours. Close racing all over the fleet. Rufless makes her move in D division, Poke and Destroy moves atop C division, Wolfpack looks to seal the three-peat, and an increasing number of boats are in damage-control mode. It's all in here and more.

What to Feed a Giraffe?

Our first arriver has posted her 100 mile report. As anticipated, it's A Fond le Girafon, the foil-equipped Beneteau Figaro 3. We've added our race notice block to the front page so you can track arrivals.  Note that it's about an hour from the finish time to a boat's arrival at the docks in Kaneohe for the traditional maitais, leis, and pineapple greeting.

Our question: What does a giraffe eat?

Best Day's Run - Prospector tops the list

Like baseball, sailiing competition involves a lot of numbers. One classic value tracked by racers and cruisers alike is the "day's run." This is the distance travelled from noon to noon or check-in to check-in.  We look at the 0800 check-in positions.  As of today, the top of the chart is -- no surprise -- Prospector with a respectable 337 miles on July 17.  They'll no doubt point out that they could have done better if it were windier.

Quite a few good numbers below.  We'll re-post after finishes...


Prospector07/17 8:00337
Runaway07/19 8:00306
Blue07/17 8:00296

July 19 race report

Twenty-four more hours into this 20th edition of the Pacific Cup and we have continued to gain clarity on how much of the fleet may end up once all is said and done. With several boats beginning to line up their final approaches to the Hawaiian Islands, Charles Devanneaux and co-skipper Matthieu Damnerval look to have re-staked their claim to being the first boat over the finish line.

July 18 race report

Another day, and another series of surprises that continue to impact the rankings in this 20th edition of the Pacific Cup. Seemingly with every check-in, the rankings get shuffled, the pursuing boats make gains and the fleets continue to compress. While a handful of boats looked dominant in their divisions as of yesterday's report, Wednesday morning shows that every single fleet in this race is still firmly up for grabs. With much of the fleet past halfway and into a somewhat atypically narrow band of moderate northeasterly tradewinds, the fleet is quite literally being herded to the barn.

Halfway to Hawaii!

Pac Cup fleet on the home stretch with most divisions still up for grabs. In stark contrast to the last edition of the race, which was run during a very active super el niño occurrence, the 20th edition of the Pacific Cup has marked a return to more traditional, if not benign, conditions for the biennial 2,070 nautical mile race from San Francisco to Hawai'i. With a constantly evolving weather scenario, the race has been a navigator's duel which is poised to come down to the wire in most divisions and in the overall rankings.

And it’s One Two Three What are we Racing For?

A wide range of prizes, trophies and honors for Pac Cup Participants

So, we know that our racers are pursuing the big Maguffin, the Pacific Cup, but that’s neither the beginning nor the end of the story.  Most Pac Cup vets will tell you that the cup awarded for “Best Overall Corrected Time” is kind of a random shot – you have to have started on a “Lucky” day with great weather.

Tuesday Morning Shuffle

When we crunched the numbers on the 0800 positions, we found quite a few shifts in postition from the (early) morning report:  Loose Cannon, double-handed by Andy Goodman and Julia Paxton, has pulled nicely in front of Alternate Reality to claim First in DH1, First in PHRF, First Express 27, and SECOND in the Pacific Cup, ousting Green Buffalo from that perch. As forecast, Prospector has moved into pole position of Pac Cup eligible boats.