How to follow the 2018 Pacific Cup Yacht Race.

In 2018, we are working to step up our media coverage significantly when compared to years past. Technology in this field has changed so drastically in the 40 years since the race started - not to mention just the last half decade - that covering a trans-Pacific yacht race from start to finish is now a reality. For the 20th edition of the race, we have a team of media personnel, photographers and enthusiastic volunteers who are excited to embrace these newfound communication tools to bring the race to the world like never before.

Our media strategy for this year’s race involves daily articles, video recaps of all start days, tracker analysis and recap videos during the race, and then full coverage of the arrivals and end of race festivities. As well as the content that goes on the site, photos, videos, interviews and weather briefs will be sent out through three three different types of social media; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Many of the competitors are also sending information out via social media, and we will include links to that content in our daily recap articles. 

With the first boats starting tomorrow - Monday July 9 - we now officially have everything on-line to begin our coverage, much of which has been going on for the past week or more. 

Here is a quick guide on how to follow the 2018 Pacific Cup yacht race:

WEBSITE - First and foremost, is still the single best place to follow the race. We will be publishing all official race communications, as well as linking everything, from the site itself.

TRACKER - To access the tracker from a standard browser, visit the link To access the Yellowbrick tracker form a smartphone or tablet, go to your App Store and search for Yellowbrick or ‘YB Races’, and download the app. Once you have downloaded the app, you need to add a race. Select Pacific Cup 2018. You can now view the race on your smart phone or tablet. Both the app and the race are free of charge. 

FACEBOOK - Visit the link, or just search “Pacific Cup Yacht Race” or “Pac Cup” on Facebook. Please “Like” and “Follow” the race is you want to see our content in your feed. We will be posting the most content to Facebook. We plan to write updates, link articles, post videos, photos and more to Facebook. Unlike Instagram, Facebook allows longer videos, so if you want to see the most video content, Facebook will be the place. 

TWITTER - Our Twitter handle for this year’s race is @PacCup2018. We will be sending out race updates, videos, interviews, and more via Twitter. 

INSTAGRAM - You can search for Pacific Cup Yacht Race, or type in our handle pacific_cup_yacht_race. Instagram does not allow ‘spaces’ in tags, hence the underscores in our handle. The official hashtag for the race is #paccup2018. All racers, friends, family, and anyone interested in the race is encouraged to use the hashtag and help add to the great content that can be shared. Many competitors will be using Instagram from sea.

The Pacific Cup Yacht Race starts July 9, and we look forward to sharing it with you!

We welcome all content and communications to Mahalo for helping us making this the best Pacific Cup ever!

-Ronnie Simpson