Latitude 38: Racers from afar

It's interesting to find out what possesses some folks to travel long distances to participate in the Pacific Cup. In the 2014 edition, you may recall that it was Rob Date and crew who made the event a part of Scarlet Runner's around-the world cruising/racing journey from Melbourne, Australia. The R/P 52 won that Pac Cup overall, winning the Latitude 38 Performance Award and taking first place in ORR with a course time of 7 days, 14 hours, 25 minutes, 18 seconds.

Although Scarlet Runner may have traveled the farthest ever to participate in the Pacific Cup, two entries stand out for their determination to partake in the 2018 race — Andy Sponseller's Santa Cruz 27 Low-down, hailing from Flathead Lake, Montana, and Michael Schoendorf's Blue, a Riptide 41 from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. These adventures require significant time, energy, money, skilled crew and spousal support — elements that can take years to align. But, it also comes down to a simple phenomenon: the realization of a dream planted in one's mind at an early age — to sail.

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