Pac Cup Village Winds Down with Skippers' Meeting and Rum

The Mount Gay Bon Voyage party capped off a final official day of the Pacific Cup Village at Richmond Yacht Club.  Informative and cautionary talks at the Skippers Meeting ("don't hit the coral", "check the weather", "take pictures", "have fun) followed the handout of Skippers' bags with an assortment of swag and the paper and electronic binders that contain critical race documents.

Our participants' moods were as varied as their entries: excited, anticipating, anxious, and, for the few professionals sprinkled in the room, looking forward to a job well done.  Lee Chesneau reviewed the weather situation. The big take-away: swells. The remnants of the now-dispersed storms in the south leave lumpy seas as a parting gesture.  The first few days of the Pac Cup are usually a bit ... uncomfortable, and it sounds like this run will be similar.  Well, all the better for day 3 when the sun comes out, the wind heaves aft, and the kites pop for some of the best downwind sailing on the planet.
Doublehanders, Class A, and Cruisers start Monday.  Go fleet go!